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In the Victorian era where collecting and cataloguing was a mark of high civilisation, have we now embraced this idealism through current policies advocating for genetic screening? Stepping into the imagined study of Francis Galton, the viewer will explore a VR world and fantasy collection of specimens and will be asked to make their own selections, facing uncomfortable questions about what we value and what we discard. Audiences will be encouraged to see value in the different, transient and unusual. Genetic screening is soon to be widespread; however there are few opportunities for the public to engage with this topic. Looking at the troubling legacy of eugenics offers a framework to explore the complexities of the ethics relating to screening; good and bad. Evolution will surprise and amuse audiences as they enter an alternative world of the strange and unfamiliar. It will also leave them with a sense of unease about just how readily they entered into the act of categorizing, preserving and discarding.


Step into a futuristic world and in the process of “checking-in” you will be routinely scanned to decipher your genetic profile. iDNAKnowing will take you on your journey to question whether knowledge really is power. As the checking in system malfunctions, you will hear alternative real-life experiences of what it is really like to live with a genetic condition.

Pandora's Box

Pandora’s Box asked the viewer to reconsider the connection between our physical body and our spiritual essence and what it means to be human. A lead casket is embossed with the ancient Greek Hippocratic Oath. This reminds us of a time when physicians were not only concerned with the physical body but were also philosophers. Pandora’s Box invites us to take time to decipher the text and ponder on it’s meaning as to the value of life.


Navigation seeks to explore identity and interdependence in an urban environment. We follow an urban journey that many would take for granted. Almost invisible obstacles require detours and re-routes that make the journey seem like an endurance exercise. The film is sometimes uncomfortably slow, mimicking the patience required to make the journey. The shadows that appear and disappear speak of the transient nature of our lives and leave no trace on the built environment through which we pass. They also give a glimpse into human relationships, where we rely on each other to navigate what are often exclusive and challenging spaces.