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Esther Appleyard Fox with VR headset
Esther Appleyard Fox gives speech in Houses of Parliament

Esther Fox at Houses of Parliament
Photo credit: Christopher Lanaway Photography

Esther Fox (Appleyard-Fox Art) is a visual artist whose practice explores the synapses between art and science, historical and futuristic, digital and material. In particular she offers audiences opportunities to consider challenging ethical dilemmas around identity and agency. Much of her work investigates the social implications of genetic screening. Esther believes art has the capacity to enable difficult conversations to take place and is passionate about engaging people in meaningful experiences.

Esther graduated from Winchester School of Art in 1999 and exhibited works which combined painting and digital media. She went on to make sculpture and her most recent works are digital art – the edges of where technology meets creativity.

Find her full list of exhibitions here. Most recently she has been using arts based research to explore issues of exclusion, community and agency. In particular she is a co-investigator on a large academic partnership programme called D4D. You can find out more about the project here.

Alongside her arts practice she is an experienced project manager and fundraiser and is the Head of the Accentuate Programme: a cultural programme delivering ground-breaking projects for Deaf and disabled people. Accentuate is part of Screen South’s portfolio of projects and you can find out more about this here. A major Accentuate project was History Of Place. Esther took the lead in working with museums including V&A in London, Museum of Liverpool and M Shed in Bristol.

See Esther’s Linkedin page for full Project Management and Museum Experience.